Why Sunrise?

Our name speaks for itself.

We are devoted and RISE to the challenge to build your project. We dig deep, locate any potential problems, and seek solutions with innovative technology.

Why Companies Choose to Work With Us… Quality work, every time.

Safety-Focused Solutions

When faced with a new project, risk assessments and unforeseeable consequences must be considered. For each task on a project, we identify the specific risks and ensure that our personnel have the proper training and tools available to mitigate those risks.

Innovative Technology

Our innovative technology is shaping the future of excavation. Sunrise Contracting utilizes multiple computer software systems to create 3D models, drones capable of collecting precise as built information in a fraction of the time as traditional survey methods. Since all of our modeling is done in house, our experts can even get a glimpse into problems that could arrive, potentially saving time and money. We are ahead of our competitors utilizing automated machine control on a fleet of dozers, excavators and graders. Our crews are efficient because they each have their own GPS layout equipment and 3D models so they never have to wait on a layout crew to stake a site or to take as-built shots on underground utilities as they are being installed.

Knowledgeable Experts

With decades of combined experience and multiple industry certifications, we know that our trained professionals have the knowledge to do the job effectively! Our team members are approachable and passionate, always going the extra mile to make projects successful.


As a woman-owned and operated company, we’re proud of our diversity. Our team brings deep experience and multiple perspectives to the excavation business, and together we create great camaraderie and teamwork to get the job done right, every time.